Our Founder

“Hi, I’m Jay Isaac Prince the founder of Rookies Cookies. My inspiration was my big sister Ashley Prince, who enjoyed making cookies to put a smile on my Dads face. He absolutely loved coming home to fresh baked cookies. Eventually Ashley grew up and moved out and I adopted the task of making cookies. My mom, Mary Prince, would stir the batter because at seven I wasn’t strong enough. The more I made the cookies the more I understood that the ingredients really change the flavor. I began picking out and adding in to the recipe and “boom” there it was; the Rookies Cookies recipe!

We love serving Houston, TX five days a week because a long workday deserves a treat at the end of it. We bake all kinds of cookies to meet whatever you’re in the mood for, so you never have to leave feeling like there was something you wanted but didn’t get. While baking cookies is what we do, we like to think we’re selling smiles as well.