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Original recipe created by a seven year old!

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Jay Prince

Hi, I’m Jay Isaac Prince the founder of Rookies Cookies. My inspiration was my big sister Ashley Prince, who enjoyed making cookies to put a smile on my Dads face. He absolutely loved coming home to fresh baked cookies. Eventually Ashley grew up and moved out and I adopted the task of making cookies. My mom, Mary Prince, would stir the batter because at seven I wasn’t strong enough. The more I made the cookies the more I understood that the ingredients really change the flavor. I began picking out and adding in to the recipe and “boom” there it was; the rookies cookies recipe. The brand came to me really easily, the hard part was the recipe. I began selling the cookies to put smiles on everyone’s face like my sister did for my dad. One day at dinner with my parents and some family friends I was put on the spot and asked what the company name was. I was selling them. I had to have a name. Since I love sports so much, Rookies Cookies seemed fitting. Our goal is to put a smile on your face when you have a cookie or share it with a loved one. The corny, cliche, but oh so charismatic saying that, “our cookies are made with love,” really applies to Rookies Cookies. Every cookie is made with a smile.

Love and Cookies,
Something like that.


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Mary Prince

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Ashley Prince
Big Sis

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